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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Here's an example of really bad PR advice. Here's what the president and CEO of Superior Industries had to say about his decision to close a plant in Johnson City, Tenn., and lay off 500 workers:
"This is the latest step in our program to rationalize our production capacity to more effectively balance plant utilization and costs against our customers' changing requirements for pricing, wheel size, design, scheduling and volume," said President and Chief Executive Officer Steven Borick.
Unbelievable. His decision to use this legalese totally dehumanizes these workers and treats them as though they were physical parts that had just been amortized. Plant closing are a part of business sometimes, but the way this guy talks about closings and the employees affected needs to be completely rethought.

Here's the rest of his lifeless quote:
"All existing customer programs will be transferred to Superior 's other manufacturing plants. However, recent Big 3 Automakers' announcements of sweeping production cuts, particularly in Superior 's important light trucks and SUV platforms, have reduced Superior 's requirements for the near future. Employee notices were distributed today so that programs can be developed jointly with the State of Tennessee to assist our workers in their future employment needs."


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